How to set text language based on user language

Hey guys

I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it. I would like to define the text language based on the user’s default language.
I have several users who use Brazilian Portuguese as their default language but the text language always defaults to United States English.

The user experience is terrible, always switching from English to Portuguese. I would like to know how I change this (if there is any way).

I’ve already tried changing the lang, location and region configuration parameters. Nothing worked

Note that in the image below the text is translated but the default language of the text is United States English


Hello @marconiryan

Please specify version of Desktop Editors that you are using, type of OS you are using and how did you install the app.

In general, the easiest way is by selecting needed Interface Language:

Also, there is a way to change it manually in the document template. You will need to locate those templates in installation folder of Desktop Editors, then back them up for safety and then change all parameters you need. General process is described here but with another product:

As for the paths, you can find some of them here:

That said, I’d ask to provide initial information for better understanding of your set up and then, in case Interface Settings do not work for you, I will provide more precise recommendations.