How to send doc link or dock by mail?

I have a document (word\pdf…)

How to send a document by mail from OnlyOffice.

Also, can I send a link from a doc to view only that document?

Document Server version: Cloud onlyoffice
OS: ChromeOS
Browser version: Versie 116.0.5845.210 (Officiële build) (32-bits)

hey @Lyo :wave:

Please specify which ONLYOFFICE product are you using?
Personal / DocSpace / Workspace

From interface Document Editor or interface Document Manager?

I have no idea what you talking about. I have the app and web office.

When I open the app the first tab is documents. But I need to know how to do it in the tab my rooms and my archive.

Yust how to.

I think I have the free personal? It tells me Office Documents?

got it

You need to download the document locally and then send it to the user via email.

I don’t have those options on my Chromebook.


Hi @Lyo

From your screenshot, it is visible that you are using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.

Currently, the option to share a document via a link is not available. This feature will be added in the upcoming releases of DocSpace.

The provided video demonstrated the ability to share a document via a link in the ONLYOFFICE Workspace product.


Is this also free for personal use and how to install \ use on a chromebook?

I apologize for the confusion. If you can describe your goal, I can suggest a product that might be suitable for your needs.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace Community Edition is available for free
You can install it on your own server.