How to change language of document?

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OS version: Windows 11
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website
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Could someone explain me how to properly change language of document? I already set “Spelling language detection” into Auto mode and even when I change the document language to Polish it predict everything as English that creates the situation where everything is underline by red line. This is really irritating and I don’t have any ideas how to properly set it as Polish.

Hello @dedoci

Please refer to this comment to define your personal settings for newly created files:

Please note that in this comment I describe how to change default font but you can change document language too that way.

Thank You for your answer, but I was referring to a different situation where I am using it on English but sometimes I want to write document in different language (and it’s changing back to default all the time). Is there any other way? Because changing default language in program files just to write one document is not really a convenient solution.

Sorry for misunderstanding. Please see description of Spelling language detection parameter:

  • enable or disable Spelling language detection when switching the keyboard language (on Windows only). The available options are Auto and Disabled. When the Auto option is selected, the spell-checking language is detected automatically when you switch the keyboard language and start typing. When the Disabled option is selected, the spell-checking language does not depend on the keyboard language.

Please specify which keyboard layout you are using in the provided video. Additionally, you can try disabling this parameter, setting necessary document language in the document to see if it works that way.

Thank You so much, disabling Spelling language detection helped. Now everything works perfectly.

Just for information, I was using Polish keyboard with English language of Windows:

I’m glad to know that it helped.

Considering this, it is expected that with enabled Spelling language detection spelling language was changing to English as your keyboard layout is English generally. It should work fine with Polish layout (separate one).