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Footnotes dissapear if paragraf merged

If there are footnotes in paragraph, and when you merge the two paragraphs into one (delete space btw them) the footnote text in footer dissapears from the second paragraph (the one being merged with the upper paragraph.

Document Server version: 7.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe): Docker
OS: Linux (server) , Windows (client)
Browser version: Firefox (latest)


Hello @shodr
Could you please provide us with recorded videofile of your scenario and example of the file where the issue is reproducible?
I have tried to reproduce the issue on Document server v.7.1.1, but without a result.

Here is the gif.


cannot upload file, forum limitation (only pictures etc allowed).

It’s a little bit strange. I have tried to add footnotes or endnotes, but I’m not able to reproduce the issue on DS7.1.1. Could you please upload test file to any external storage and provide us with download link?

updated OO, now works as it should. Tnx

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