Extra carriage return in table

Fedora 39

How do I get rid of the extra carriage return from rows 2-4 such that the height of the cells matches row 1?

Table.Extra.Line.odt (6.1 KB)

Please provide a video showing the steps to reproduce the above-mentioned issue.


ExtraCarriageReturn.mkv (5.4 MB)

1 create a new table 3x4 under the first table
2 copy row from the old table to the new table
3 bug: resize column 1. Only A1 gets resized
4 copy C2-C4 and paste to C2-C4. No problem found. ctrl z to remote
5 bug: copy C2, C3, C4 one at a time and paste to new table. Extra returns get added
6 remote extra return with backspace. One remains in each cell
7 bug: attempt to resize columns to remove extra space (especially C3) fails

Hello, thank you for sharing, we are currently analysing the issue.


  1. On the issue with resizing after pasting: After inserting a row, cell A1 remains selected, so when changing the width of a cell, the width of only this cell changes, and not the entire column. In order to change the size of the entire column A after inserting a row, you should first deselect cell A1 by clicking in an arbitrary place within the table
  2. On extra carriage return issue: it was reproduced and it is connected with an already existing bug which was discussed in another thread: Paste adds a carrage return
  3. On the issue with resizing columns to remove extra space: a different paragraph style is applied to the text located in cell C1 and cells C2 - C4, according to which they have different line spacing, as well as spacing after the paragraph, so first please try applying the same style to the text in all cells and if the problem remains after that, then record the video of issue reproduction once again

Paragraph style applied to text in cell C1:

Paragraph style applied to text in cells C2 - C4:

  1. I can see where being able to size a single cell’s row width is a nice feature. I finally figured out that I have to highlight the cells on both sides of the column line I want individually sized. I have never been able to do this in other word processors before (or I did not know how). I like the feature! (I just tried it in Libre Office and it does not work.)

  2. I will patiently await your next release!

  3. Changing the “Table Contents” style from “Body Text” allows me to do what I want. Thank you!

Alright, thank you for your feedback and have a nice day.