Paste adds a carrage return

Fedora 39

When a line consists of only a single letter, when you attempt to copy it to the secondary clipboard (ctrl+C), the highlighting process always picks up the line feed at the end of the line. This should only happen if you sweep the mouse a little farther. And it does not happen when more than one letter is on the line.

Update: this also happens when copying text from a table cell and pasting into a single other cell, no matter how many characters are in the cell. But if you paste into several cells at once, it does not.

Please provide a video reproduction of the above-mentioned issue.

  1. Please send me the dirction on how to do that in Linux
  2. please send me the directions as to how to attach the video
  1. You can use any available screen video recording app for Fedora. Example: Install simplescreenrecorder on Fedora using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
  2. You can attach files to forum messages by clicking the icon from the screenshot below

The link left out these two commands:

 # systemctl enable snapd
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /usr/lib/systemd/system/snapd.service.

# systemctl start snapd

Here is the recording you asked for:
PasteAddsLineFeed.mkv (3.7 MB)

We are currently analysing the issue, I’ll inform you when I have news.

I just upgraded to OnlyOffice-8.0.1-x86_64.rpm. No symptom change

I understand. Please await for the news, we are still analysing the issue

We have reproduced the above-mentioned behavior with table cells, the relevant bug is in our bug tracker, I’ll notify you when a version with the fix is released.

As for the copying of single characters within other parts of the Editor, the behavior is similar to the one within Microsoft Word.

Hi Dmitrii,

What is similar to Word is the highlighting by the mouse. Word looks like it is adding the carriage return. But when your paste what Word placed in the clipboard, there is no carriage return.

This video will demonstrate the difference. What you are looking at is an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) session opened on a customer’s Windows 10 22H2 Pro machine running M$ Office 2009.

I copy an “X” to the clipboard in Word, then paste it to Leaf pad text editor with line numbers enables running on my host Fedora 39 machine. You will note that the carriage return IS NOT pasted to Leafpad as the line number does not increment. The line number stays on line 1.

Then I open Only Office on my host and copy a “Y” into the clipboard. Then paste it to Leaf pad. You will notice that the line number does increment from line 3 to line 4.

So this not a behaviour of Word.


Alright, understood, thank you for clarifying. When I have news on this issue, I’ll update you as well.

We have reproduced the second issue and registered the bug in our bug tracker. I’ll share with you if I have any updates on it.