Email Receiving Problem: email not received in web but can be received via IMAP

Control Panel:
Community Server:
Document Server:
Mail Server: 1.6.75
Docker in Ubuntu

I’m not sure if this is because we recently updated the Control Panel and Community Server, but this behavior started after the update, also, and after a recent resolution on mailbox creation with @Constantine

sending an email to an account via the web Onlyoffice mail, we get a “Message has been sent” notification, presumably stating that the email is sent. Then, if the recipient checks the email using the onlyoffice web app, the email is not there. the user cannot see the new email. No new email is being received. However, if that same user checks the email using IMAP - strangely, the email is there. All the new emails can be received via IMAP. However, all emails can not be seen on the web app.

We can repeat the process - send email to a recipient, then recipient checks the email via onlyoffice web, the email is not there. but if checking via imap, the email is there.

help please?

to add, here are screenshots. this sample is the user sending an email to himself. the new email does not appear in the web app:

Hey @rodster

hmm, interesting

check the directories in Community Server container:

for the presence of emails in them.

Hi @Nikolas, I don’t think I have a /var/www I’m using Docker btw.
thanks. rodney



I understood
I meant to go into the container

docker ps

docker exec -it XXX bash

xxx- id of the container (community server)

@Nikolas oh sorry. thanks for clarifying. there are tons of folders in that path I’m not sure which one to check.

10 may
check the latest by date/time

yes, the test email is there.


  1. What instruction did you use to update CS?
  2. Check the directory on the main machine (not docker):
  1. I updated using the Control Panel - Update
  2. The folders exist in the /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/data/addons/mail/Data/aggregator/00/00/01

all folders?
with May 10-11

seems like it does:

it’s not the same folder names but there are May 10 folders




and check directory 2ebf…

yes, the file is there:

Ok, I’m analyzing

  1. Does the problem repeat when reconnecting the mailboxes?

  2. Please send the output of the command:
    docker ps

  3. Perhaps there is a snapshot left before the update?

  1. I’m not sure what is meant by “reconnecting the mailboxes”, but none of the users are able to receive emails, All users are not able to receive emails regardless of reboots.

  2. here’s the docker PS:

  3. restoring from backup at state before the upgrade may not be viable - as there has been a lot of document changes already done on this instance.

note also that during upgrade, using the Control Panel, we did get a message that the upgrade is successful, and there was no error.

I’m hoping that there’s a solution as we didn’t do anything to manually update the system. We used the control panel, and as mentioned we did get the the update was successful.

thank you.

any solution to this problem? we’re unable to receive emails