Docx link to external data in xlsx

I Have been watching another thread:

Links to external data

It is a great function! But I encounter another trouble here:

Here is not any button to update the data, like this:

so, I could update xlsx link to xlsx file, but I cannot update the docx link to xlsx file, and also, when opening the docx file, ONLYOFFICE will not ask me whether to update the link.
I have tested the same files in M$ Office:

A full-function Excel is embedded in the Word window so that I can update the link to an external xlsx file.
I use this on my desktop editors of ONLYOFFICE and M$. But I guess it’s the same as the online version of ONLYOFFICE DOCS.
Also, the presentation links to xlsx file can not update either.
What I do, for now, is to make the files in ONLYOFFICE, and update operations in the M$ office.
So, Could you please add a data-update button in the embedded sheet editor window? or embed a full-function sheet editor above the sheet in a docx editor?

Hello @VincentYoung
Do I understand the issue scenario right?
I have created docx and xlsx files in MS > added a table in docx file > typed a few digits in a cell in xlsx file > copied cell > pasted in the table in docx file > paste options > link & keep source formatting. In this scenario, data updates by auto in MS (or via ‘Update link’ button in context menu).
Do I understand it right that you’re looking for the same feature in ONLYOFFICE editor?

Yes, you understand it right, it’s a little suggestion.

Thank you for your clarification. We’re checking the situation. I will update this thread as soon as possible.

Hello @VincentYoung
Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We have added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 52752).
We have started working on it.