Docx generated by rtf prevew fail

After generating docx using an RTF template, use OnlyOffice to preview and leave the preview interface blank. But this document can be opened locally, edited and saved casually, and then re uploaded using OnlyOffice for preview. How to solve this problem

Hello @honphenc
Please describe your test scenario as detailed as possible. If it’s possible, please record a videofile, while you are reproducing the situation and provide us with a test file.
Additionally, please clarify version of your Document server.

i want to upload attach ,but it return “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

@Alexandre how can i upload attach

generateDox.docx (9.2 KB)
@Alexandre hi, this attachment is generated by rtf, when i preview it by onlyoffice, it display blank screen ,when i open it by local wps or office, it work. In addition, when i edit it by wps and save, repreview by onlyoffice , it work.

To add, the version I am using is community version

Hello @honphenc
Thank you for the provided file. Is it possible to provide us with original .rtf file and show us how exactly you ran the process to generate docx?
One more thing. Have you had a chance to check out the situation on the latest version of Document server (v.8.0.1)?

@Alexandre sorry,i have tried it,it does not support uploading RTF files

Hello @honphenc
Please place the file to any external storage and provide us with a download link.