Document Editing Service address, ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached

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Document Server version: 7.4
Connector version: 4.3.1

I’m trying to get onlyoffice connector for confluence working on a localhost docker environment. (i’m a beginner) I have setup confluence, installed onlyoffice connector and have the document-server running… the next step of the setup was to put Document Editing Service address in.

I have tried http://localhost:80/, dockers internal ip but i’m still getting the ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached message when I save it - I have input the correct secret… I’m unsure what address to put in, has anyone had experience with this running on a docker localhost and know what the document editing service address would be / how to find it?

Thank you

hi @jwbuilds1

  • Please specify how you installed all the components.
  • What OS did you use and how did you install DS?
  • docker ps ?