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Community Server/Control Panel version: 12.x
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe) deb
OS:ubunut 20.04
Browser version:chrome current

I have no access to Google Auth or my stored OLD codes for my portal access… can i disable MFA and then generate NEW codes ? I have root access at lix CLI and to the DB

Hello @ivan,
Do you have any other admins on the portal? They can log in and disable 2FA in the portal settings.

Hi Carl, no. I lost the phone with my account/admin account in google authenticator. I wiped the phone remotely so its secure , I need a new phone of course. BUT now I’m stuck with no access to the portal.

Solved via PM.

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thanks… perhaps add to FAQ?> I dint see it as security risk as you need DB access as ROOT or ONLYOFFICE .

Hello Carl. I have the same problem and I can’t login to the portal. I need to reset the 2FA codes using the console. Please help in solving. Root access to the portal is. Thanks

perhaps add to FAQ?> I dint see it as security risk as you need DB access as ROOT or ONLYOFFICE .

We do not recommend any manual actions with DB. The probability of mistake is high. It’s better to contact us directly in such cases.

@JonV please contact me via PM.


I have the exactly same problem. I have acceess to the Database. Is there a way to get the access back?

Thank you


Hello @marno2703
As I see, you have created a separate topic with the issue. Let’s focus there: Lost second factor for Admin-Access - #3 by Alexandre

Can you help me too with the same problem, please?

Hello @KES
I’m a little bit confused since I see your other post where you described an issue with file opening. Do I understand it right that access to your portal has been restored?

Hello. It’s true. I have restore my portal via full reinstalling VM and software. Thanks for you feedback.

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