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Disable encryption in collaborative editing

I installed the latest editor and like everything about it, except file encryption. If you transfer the file for joint editing, it turns out that anyone can delete the password if they know it and set their password. How to avoid this, please tell me

Hello @dimdim
Your scenario confused me a little bit. I am not sure that I understand the entire situation right.
user A has a file > user A has set a password protection to the file (for example, protect workbook) > file was shared to user B with information about password > user B disabled ‘protect workbook’
On this step the file has no protection. What can prevent the user B to set up his own password?

If you have an example of such feature in other editors, please point me to it.

Hello Alexander.
Yes, you understand everything correctly. It’s not even about forwarding, but when you open access to the file. It was wonderful if it was possible to password the sheet, as it was done in version 7, but at the same time so that user B would not have the opportunity to put his password on the entire file.
Something like this is in, where you can configure the granting of access and restrict certain sheets and columns for editing. The question is, is it possible to disable, somehow, the ability to encrypt the entire file at the moment?
So that user B, who is not the owner, can only edit, you can configure ranges here, this is very pleasing, but he could not encrypt the file with his password.

Please clarify what kind of platform you are using with editors? I mean, for example, Nextcloud, Seafile, etc. Or self-written storage with your integration?

I am using Nextcloud v.23.0.4

Understood. Sorry, but this scenario is impossible at the moment.
You mentioned similar feature in Google docs, could you please point us to it? We would like to check it out.

That is, there is no way to disable encryption for others?
In Google, access via mail is implemented. I.e., user A creates a file, opens access to user B and configures permission. At the same time, user A can lock sheets and ranges with a password. User B does not have the rights to lock a file, sheet or range, only the rights to edit those sheets and ranges that are not blocked.

Sorry, but described scenario is not possible. If it’s possible, please point us to mentioned feature in Google Docs.

In, all actions take place via mail. I.e., user A, who is also the owner, can give user B access to the file by specifying his mail and file rights. The owner, User A, can block sheets, ranges, or the entire book from User B. At the same time, user B does not have the ability to block or encrypt something.

Thank you for details. We added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 56459). We need some time to discuss it internally.