DATAM function returning different results from other office suites

When in Excel we use the DATAM formula to calculate months, we have the month changed while keeping the day.
Example: 03/11/2023 in cell A1

If we do the command =DATAM(A1;1) in cell B1, we will have the result 02/12/2023.

But if you do the same test in Excel, it will return the result 03/12/2023

I would really like to correct this, as I recently migrated from Windows and MS suite and I need this correct data in an important spreadsheet.

Hello, @urlx32

Please clarify the following information:

  1. What are your document settings?
    File > Advanced Settings > Regional Settings.

  2. The version of ONLYOFFICE.

I currently have version (flatpak).
The region that I live in and is configured in the software is Brazilian Portuguese.

I realize that this error is in the programming of the function.
I think the onlyoffice suite is very good. I just can’t use it because of this error that leaves my spreadsheets with the wrong configuration on the customers’ due dates.


Can I ask you to add a file with the issue you described?

Since the error is in the formula, any clean spreadsheet you use will have the same deviating result.

I am sending you an example attached to make it easier to understand.

exemplo.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Thank you for the file! :handshake:
Your example demonstrates that when updating the table values (F9), the table value is refreshed and displayed correctly.

I am attaching an example of creating a formula ( flatpak):

Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work. I’m using opensuse tumbleweed.

I don’t know if the system not having onlyoffice in its repositories natively could be causing this error due to the lack of some dependency.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I will use another suite for now

Can I request you to capture a screen recording of the issue?
We would like to replicate the problem on our end and work towards resolving it.