Create new theme


I wanted to know, wether it is possible to create own themes for presentations.
Specifically I am looking for a similar feature like Microsoft’s “master slides” to theme presentations.

Kind regards

OS version: win 10
App version: 7
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website


Hello @andi
Please clarify if you want the exact feature as ‘Slide Master’ (MS PowerPoint) or you are talking about ‘Create new theme’ feature only?

Thanks for your answer.
I do not need the exact same feature as in MS PowerPoint, I am currently just trying to create a presentation with a unique design. I did not find a way to achieve this, thats why I asked here :slight_smile:
Are there any resources where I might find information how to do this?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to create a presentation with your own style. We are still working on this feature (internal number - 45684). We added your request about this feature, but I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of release of this feature at the moment.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Okay, thanks nonetheless for your answer :slight_smile: