Adding new themes to onlyoffice presentation

Hi, So i downloaded some themes for onlyoffice desktop editors presentation in pptx and potx format. I want to make it available along with default themes in the home menu of presentation. But i am not finding how to do so in desktop version.

OS version: Manjaro linux
App version: 7.0.0-1
Downloaded from: pre-installed from official manjaro repository

Hello @shashwat_nayak
Unfortunately, there’s no way to add your custom theme to presentation editor. Recently we discussed this situation here: Create new theme
I added your request to internal tracklist (45684), but I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of such a feature release at the moment.
Sorry for inconvenience.

okay thank you.

Are there any plans to include slide masters or some other kind of theme creation functionality within the foreseeable future?

I find it confusing that this isn’t already part of an otherwise impeccably polished office software - custom themes are something I can’t be alone in considering absolutely critical to any presentation solution. Is there any hope of this getting added?

Hello @morganwable
We are working on it already (internal track number - 45381, ‘Slide Master’ feature). I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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