Community Edition displays blank document without content

We have web application which we have stored some documents on. And we have onlyoffice server in a seperate VM, the web app interfaces with onlyoffice to display documents for edit or co-editing.

  1. I can upload documents directly on onlyoffice server and view without any issues.
  2. When opening documents from my web application , onlyoffice server displays a blank doument without content, but other information such as title displays correct.

What i have checked,

  1. I have checked onlyoffice logs, /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/docservice/out.log, no errors.
  2. I have checked my application logs, no errors as well.
  3. I have checked web console errors, and i saw this warning, WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.

How to resolve this issue

i have installed latest version which 7.5

hey @tsetsiba

Do you have your own integration, or is it one of our official ones?

@Nikolas, Thank you for the feedback, it is our own integration code.


So, in which language did you write the application?
We have plenty of examples!

Also, check the original file-opening scenario:

Perhaps the file link - “url” - is incorrect.

“+” In your screenshot, the file extension is missing…

Hi @Nikolas, thank you the feedback. I managed to update the file title as you suggested, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve the issue. I am looking into the demo sample to see if i am missing something.

Is the link (url) to the document definitely correct?