Chrome | View empty after switching tabs

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  • open any document through Nextcloud
  • switch Chrome tab and come back
  • all content is missing, until zooming in or out

I tried:

  • updating OnlyOffice
  • updating OnlyOffice Nextcloud app
  • clearing browser cache and all application data of onlyoffice-URL and nextcloud-URL

Probably related to:

Community Server/Control Panel version: 7.0.0
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker
OS: Windows 10
Browser version: Google Chrome 98.0.4758.102 64-bit
(other browsers e.g. Vivaldi are working as expected)

Hello @label
Could you please check if hardware acceleration is enabled in Google Chrome? If so, please turn it off and re-check the situation.

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Hey Alexandre,
you guessed right.
If I switch off hardware acceleration the bug doesn’t occure.
If I switch it back on the bug occures again.

Any other solution than keeping HW acceleration turned off?

We added your request to internal tracklist (50828). Switching off hardware acceleration is a workaround solution at the moment (or using other browser). We are working on this issue.

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