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Building desktop editors for ARM64 Linux, possible?


I’m a new user interested in running OnlyOffice desktop editors. But my main desktop system at the moment (besides Windows on a laptop) is a Raspi 400 running Raspbian.

I looked and found all Linux versions of Desktop editors are for x86 (intel/amd). Any chance of building Desktop editors for ARM64 Linux? I could attempt to do it myself, if build instructions are provided.

Could someone help or point me the right way for information? Thanks!


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Hello @aissacf
At the moment, we don’t have instructions for self-assembly for ARM64 Linux. I can provide a link to ARM/ARM64 compilation issues reported by our users:

Right now we have no official ARM builds of DesktopEditors, only for DocumentServer.
We are working on it (internal tracknumber - 58793).
We understand that ARM is very popular right now, but we have not enough resources to support several architectures with our usually quality, so we need some time.
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.

If you have colleagues or acquaintances who are also into using a desktop editor on ARM64 Linux, please leave comments in this thread, we’d appreciate the feedback.

I created an account just to show my interest for an arm64 version. I am using a Khadas Edge Pro board

me too ,interest for an arm64 version

Hi @letgooo @codrutp :wave:

You’re becoming more and more numerous!
If you have any more friends or acquaintances who are interested in the OnlyOffice version for ARM Linux, please show them this post. We consider everyone interested. The more of you there are, the more we recognize the demand for it! :hugs:

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I´m also interested in a version for arm64, thanks

Hi @cristianapas
Added you to the implementation request for Building desktop editors for ARM64 Linux.

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I am interested in an arm64 version as well as an Asahi Linux user

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hey @Sudoer777

Also added you. :handshake:
Unfortunately, I can’t promise anything about the release dates yet.
I will let you know when I get something.

I created an account to additionally show my interest in order to use OnlyOffice on Asahi Linux.

Hello @tylerwolf35
We have collected your request. We will update this thread when we have something to share.