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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

An error occurred while uploading HTML

Hi Team

I can’t upload the HTML file, the system show me an unknown error as the picture shows; so much as changed the extension from ‘.html’ to ‘txt’, still prompt same error.
please tell me the reason or right way.


Hello @jm.zhang,

Please provide us with some additional information:

  • A version of your WorkSpace.
  • Installation type that you’ve used.

Also, do other file formats load normally?

Thanks for your reply

  1. version:
  • communityserver -
  • elasticsearch - 7.16.3
  • documentserver -
  • controlpanel -
  1. Installation type: docker

And some type of files can be loaded, but not be opened correctly:

  1. XLS can’t be converted and opened, please access Tip: error occured in the document service(error code = -7)
  2. some data will be lost for CSV, I upload a CSV, content is same as upper XLS, and I can’t see the data of ‘Gender’ column

Hello @jm.zhang

Sorry for the late reply,

Could you please reproduce the two scenarios:

  1. upload the html\txt file to the portal,

  2. upload the xls file to the portal,

Next, send us the Document Server and Community Server logs, also tell us which guide you used to install the Workspace

In case of problem with uploading the CSV file, please send it to us

Also please do not duplicate threads with the same issues - Tip: error occured in the document service(error code = -7)

About: Tip: error occured in the document service(error code = -7)
no one answer my topic, so I have to review this here.

  1. upload html failed
    1月13日 (1)(1)

  2. upload xls successfully, but convert failed, tip : error code = -7
    1月13日 (1)(2)

  3. open csv(delimiter is tab), the gender is empty
    1月13日 (2)(3)
    as below, the green part of contents are ‘\t’

Hello @jm.zhang ,

Thank you for the provided files. Please send us your logs file data, they are located on the host:

For the Document Server- /app/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/logs/documentserver/

For the Community Server - /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/logs/

Also, send the CSV file, and please specify the guide, which you’ve used to install the WorkSpace