A error during the copy of text

I’m trying to copy plain text and the document crashes with an error.
The latest Only Office on Win10x64 (updated) and Linux Mint 21.1
TransFiles - бесплатный файлообменник без регистрации - Страница скачивания загрузки xgs7b - video record
Отчет.docx (147.5 KB)
ШАБЛОН с рамками листов.docx (33.7 KB)

Hey, @Prikolist2022 :japanese_goblin:
Were there the same problems on version 7.3?

Thank you for files and video!
We are checking the situation.
As soon as I know something, I’ll let you know.

Idk. Tried only on 7.4. If I copy that text when the source file is opened in another Office (wps or MS office) - no problem
Have you got the same problem as I have? Did you manage to repeat this?

Yes, we were able to reproduce it. We have created bug 63399.
We will try to fix this issue by version 7.4.1.

Hello @Prikolist2022

We released version 7.4.1 of Desktop Editors where the issue mentioned in this thread was fixed.
Please update your application and check the issue again.

Looks like you have handled it) Thx

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