Your license has expired

I installed the OO Docs Community Edition for Docker a while ago and integrated it into my ownCloud installation. It worked well, but now I get a message that says “Your license has expired. Please update your license and refresh the page.” when I want to edit a Word file for example.
Did I understand something wrong or why is a cummunity edition suddenly needing a license? What can I do / check?


Hello @EasyNT

It shouldn’t. What actions on the server side were placed before the issue arose?
Also please go to the host and run docker ps. Please show me the result.
One more thing, let us know versions of Document server, connection app, ownCloud.

Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your reply. Actually my installation is a bit “non-usual”, maybe. I run the whole thing on a SmartOS VM Hypervisor. This means that the docker image come directly from, on the SmartOS hypervisor I did a:

imgadm sources --add-docker-hub

followed by:

imgadm import onlyoffice/documentserver-de

And from this I created my instance. That means I cannot execute the usual docker ps command. However, I found the following in my /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/docservice/out.log-20220517:

[2022-05-17T03:20:56.057] [WARN] nodeJS - Express server listening on port 8000 in production-linux mode. Version: 7.0.1. Build: 37
[2022-05-18T03:21:41.886] [ERROR] nodeJS - License: License Expired!!!

My ownCloud is currently on 10.9.1 (stable) with the ONLYOFFICE plugin 7.3.1.

I probably have to tell my onlyoffice/documentserver in some config file or db table that it should behave like a community server. Do you know where and how?



In my opinion, this is the issue. Please check out our repos on
This is repo for Community edition: Docker Hub
This one is for Developer edition (commercial version): Docker Hub

As you can see, commercial version has ‘-de’ in the name as it has in your case. I believe that you installed commercial version of Document server.

Anyway, it’s a little bit difficult to troubleshoot non-official guide. Please pay attention to our official guides. For docker: