.xlsx takes time to open & keeps freezing + graph is missing


Attached excel file (Loan calculator1.xlsx) takes more than 5 minutes to open and then keeps freezing + graph is not to be seen!

when opened the same file using mac pages, free office and libreoffice didnt face any issues.

could you please explain the delay involved in opening and why it’s keeping freezing? Thanks.

Loan calculator1.xlsx (256.0 KB)

i am using onlyoffice version 7.4.1 on Mac OS Monterey.


We are trying to reproduce the problem you are facing

Specify the following information:
your Mac version (like this)

@MKVRC When opening in word, errors occur and there is no graph

In which editor and in which version of this editor was the document edited?

Hi Nikolas,

thanks for your response and update.

as requested please find details of Mac OS

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 18.49.31

sorry for the typo…its Mac numbers and not pages.

i did use onlyoffice version 7.4.1.

on same macbook i used Mac numbers, softmaker free office and libreoffice to open the same excel file and it did open in few seconds + graph could be seen.

when tried to open the same excel file using onlyoffice it took more than 5 minutes and then was kept on freezing while scrolling through it.

could you please explain the reason for the delay involved in opening the file + freezing while scrolling and why graph was not to be seen?

should you need any more details then please let me know. Thanks

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Hi Nikolas,

could you reproduce the issue? for anyhow please share an update. Thanks


  1. We have reproduced the issue (The chart created in “Numbers” is not displayed) and added bug. :handshake:
  2. Freezing issue has been reproduced on a Mac with an Intel Core processor.

We will try to fix bugs in the next versions.

Hi Nikolas,

Thanks for your quick response and update…

in the meantime, i did uninstall and reinstall onlyoffice and then when opened the loan calculator.xlsx it opened without any delay and no freeze was seen…not sure what was wrong…

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Thank you, @MKVRC I will pass the information on to my colleagues. :handshake:

Hi Nikolas,

you are welcome. forgot to mention, post uninstallation and reinstallation though no issues to be seen with file opening and no freeze was seen but graph was still not to be seen!

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