XLS file is treated as XML file and opened in Doc Editor

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OS version: Windows 11
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Winget

I have several XLS files and when I attempt to open them, they’re loaded in Document Editor. But I have other XLS files which are opened normally in Spreadsheet Editor

The XLS files that opened in Document Editor are exported from Web App

Is there any way to fix this?

Hello, please provide files on which the issue is reproduced for testing purposes.

Here is the file: XLS File

P.S: I’m able to open it using Microsoft Office and WPS

@ranggasan We are currently analyzing the issue, thank you for the provided information

Thank you @DmitriiV, looking forward for the fix

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Hello, we have reproduced the issue and added the relevant bug to our bug tracking system, will be working on the fix

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