X11: Primary Clipboard not supported

Fedora 39

Please note that this is an X11 Linux issue. Windows only supports one clipboard. X11 supports four. The Secondary Clipboard is what the Windows style clipboard is called in Windows.

For a video describing X11’s four clipboard, see: The Secondary Selection

This problem is with the Primary Clipboard, which is mouse highlight to copy and center mouse click to paste.

Bug: in onlyoffice-desktopeditors-8.0.0-99.el7.x86_64 Spreadsheet and Document, copying to the Primary Clipboard is not supported. Note: pasting is supported.

To reproduce: open a spreadsheet or document in OnlyOffice, mouse highlight some populated cells or in a document highlight some text, open a text only editor such as leafpad or gedit or similar, then center click to paste.

The Primary Clipboard is supported in libreoffice7.6-, as is this window. (I used the Primary Clipboard to paste several thing to this window.)

Also see: man xsel

Hello @Todd

Are you using any additional software for clipboard?

Newer version of Desktop Editors is available. Please update your app and additionally check the behavior. By the way, it is installed as DEB/RPM package, isn’t it?

Hi Constantine,

Fedora 39


I do not use any additional clipboard utilities or than what come with X11.

Fedora 39 uses Red Hat Package Manager (rpm) and is a Red Hat project itself.

I just upgraded, no symptom change

Thank you. We will take a closer look at this situation and I will provide feedback afterwards.

@Todd I think I understand what you are saying:

if I have 2 apps, let’s say google chrome + OnlyOffice

  • all traditional [ctr]+[c] / [ctr]+[v] do work

  • all traditional [right-click]+[copy] / [right-click]+[paste] do work

  • if I do a simple [mouse-select-text] in google-chrome and then [mouse-wheel-click] inside OnlyOffice, the selected text is pasted

  • IF I do a simple [mouse-select-text] IN OnlyOffice and then [mouse-wheel-click] STILL INSIDE OnlyOffice, the selected text is NOT pasted, but the previous [ctr]+[c]</kbd copied text

Am I right? I have replicated those cases. I hope it helps clarify the issue.

You are correct.

I would add to the above scenario that if mouse highlighted in Only Office, you can not center click paste anywhere else. Not just inside Only Office.

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Thank you @Todd for reporting the issue and @str for providing additional details. We were able to reproduce the issue and based on received data we have registered a bug on inability to use Primary Clipboard when selecting data inside the editor and attempting to paste it in any other resource.