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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

WS w/ Nginx Proxy Manager - same server

Hello again,

1. I have WS running on ubuntu server 22.04, the 6 containers are mostly working fine and stable (apart from a small issue with fail2ban, that is already been addressed by @Alexandre).

2. Among with these 6 containers I have a few others running on the same server (pihole, wireguard, grafana, etc. - nothing too demanding):

3. I have another server running on a PiOS, that is mainly used to run Nginx Proxy Manager. In short, as I could not deploy the container on the ubuntu-server, as the community server container is already using the needed ports (443, 80 and 5222), that was my solution.

4. My question is: is it possible to have the Nginx Proxy Manager container running on my ubuntu server, along with onlyoffice WS, so I can get rid of the raspberry pi server? I have seen a topic that seemed too complicated, so would it be possible to simply change the ports during the instalation script or will I it cause problems with the documents-server?

Hello @brunoleonadvogado
Please note that we usually recommend to use clean separate server for Workspace installation. It’s necessary to avoid dependencies and port conflicts.
In general, you can change desired ports in the installation script for a new deployment. But we didn’t test your described scenario (Proxy-server in front of Workspace on the same server), so I cannot predict possible issues. I believe you have to use separate server for your research. If all things run smoothly, you will be able to migrate portal via backup\restore process.

Right @Alexandre , I will follow your advice and I will keep only the WS on this ubuntu-server. I just thougt that using an 8-core with 16G RAM I would have some leverage to deploy other stuff without prejudice. But it’s better to keep it risk free, as it’s running preety smooth now, with 3 simultaneous users so far.

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