Workspace private rooms - backup and recovery

Private rooms: Fips-140-2/3 compliant? Export keys?

I am wondering if Private rooms is FIPS compliant and if it has been validated. What is the key method used and strength that is generated in the keypair, and how do I backup the keys for recovery purposes? Considering that I can email any PGP user I have keys for it means at least the public key is on the server. I presume the client key is in the OnlyOffice Desktop on the users device. Thanks

Encryption method that is used in Private Rooms is AES-256. You can find a description here:

Another detailed explanation of how Private Rooms work from a technical standpoint can be found here:
Encryption in ONLYOFFICE: Workshop by Mikhail Korotaev - YouTube (starting at ~11:40)

As for FIPS compliance, we haven’t applied for it.