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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released changing port 443

I’m doing an docker installation using the script. I need to change port 80 and 443. Doing this “bash -ims false -cp 8282”. So port 80 becomes 8282. But how do I change 443 to 4430 ?

Hello @mala

Sorry for the late reply.

Currently, flag -cp allows to change port 80 only.
I’m looking for a workaround that can be used to change 443 port too. I will update this thread once I get any results.

Hello again @mala

Here is the workaround solution that works.
First, you will need to download alternative script that executes installation of Workspace:

Open this script and find next section to change the port:

	if [ "$RUN_COMMUNITY_SERVER" == "true" ]; then
		args+=(--name "$COMMUNITY_CONTAINER_NAME");
		args+=(-p "$COMMUNITY_PORT:80");
		args+=(-p <your_port>:443);
		args+=(-p 5222:5222);
		args+=(--cgroupns host);

Where <your_port> is your desired SSL port for Docker container.

After that run the script specifying -it WORKSPACE flag to install free version of ONLYOFFICE Workspace like that:
bash -ims false -cp 8282 -it WORKSPACE

When script is finished, you can check the port forwarding by enlisting all Docker containers with command docker ps.

Important note: in this scenario if alternative script is used you will have to update your Workspace portal with this exact script in future with flag -u true.