ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Workspace email out of sync with real content of mailbox

I installed my own instance of OnlyOffice Workspace and I enabled and configured the email client with my email IMAP / SMTP server to send / receive emails.

We can ignore for the moment that the email module lack of OpenPGP encrypted email and related keys (in 2023??) - Ok corporate email should cross the web unencrypted to the benefit of Mr. Big Data!

What leave me stunned is that the shown content by OnlyOffice of email inbox is completely out of sync with the actual and real content of inbox as shown by any email client, here including RoundCube! OnlyOffice shows also email erased days ago from my inbox by other clients, so I have to do double work removing them also on the OnlyOffice email client!

So, the questions: Is there any switch or trick to have the actual mailbox content reflected also on OnlyOffice or I have to see also email removed days ago?

If there is no hope to have OnlyOffice mail working as any modern email client, is there any hope to integrate RoundCube into OnlyOffice?

Hello @fpiraneo
We are constantly improving Mail module and we are planning to сontinue it. We’re sorry you got that impression.
We have the description of Mail module work on our website: ONLYOFFICE Mail. How it works - ONLYOFFICE
As you can see, we know about IMAP sync situation:

  • ONLYOFFICE Mail Server does not have own email client. The Mail Aggregator is used for working with ONLYOFFICE Mail Server, like for the interaction with any other third-party mail server.

This results in some restrictions. For example, it’s not possible to implement full-fledged operation via the IMAP protocol.

And we are working on it already. Our permanent goal is improving our products constantly.

is there any hope to integrate RoundCube into OnlyOffice?

We’ve noted this request, probably we will take a closer look at it in the future.