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Workspace does not support full-text search in Chinese

Hello, I deployed the workspace through docker. Through testing, I found that the full-text search does not support Chinese indexes, and can only search for numbers and English characters. I hope to support the retrieval of Chinese characters, thank you.

Hello @nedsi
I believe that described issue is related to known bug 39365, but we need to check it out. Please go to Document module and try to find a file by its full name. After that - by a few hieroglyphs (not full name). Will the file be found by full name?

I have tried the full name of the file and all keywords, but I still can’t successfully query, but the number and letters can succeed.

Hello @nedsi
Recently we released new version of Community server (v.12.0.1) and Control Panel. Could you please run an update process and check if the issue still persists?
If so, please reproduce the issue and make a videofile of your test.

I will schedule time to finish the work