Workspace docker installation + Homepage


i have install OnlyOffice Workspace with the installation script on an VPS Server with an subdomain (

Now after the full installation, i will create my own Homepage ( on the same server in another docker container, but the traffic for port 80&443 is still go throu it to the onlyoffice-community-server container.

Maybe a proxy server will help, but i dont now how to install the proxy and to change the onlyoffice-community-server container to change the Port → 80/tcp &–>443/tcp to 80/tcp & 443/tcp like the other onyloffice container.

I hope someone can help me.


We don’t have any guides on setting up proxy servers in front of ONLYOFFICE Workspace. Workspace requires ports 80 and 443 for its functioning and this cannot be changed. We recommend installing Workspace on a clean server where no other web applications are installed to avoid such conflicts.