Workspace Business Cloud discontinued? Can't migrate to self host. Login invalid

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I found out via an old email in my spam folder (from onlyoffice) that the business cloud workspace subscription I have been using for my company is being discontinued in a week. So, Im scrambling to find a solution to migrate to and landed on digital ocean. I spun up a new workspace sever, made a admin account and restored the backup from my cloud workspace. Only problem now is that none of my logins work. I saw in the help pages, that you need to select “forgot password” and get a reset. Except, that does nothing for any email associated with this workspace database. I have no way to login. I see there is a disclaimer in the support docs about a machine key, but I have no idea how I would get access to that from the cloud workspace version.

Hello @zionad
Please point us to the installation guide that you used for Workspace installation and let us know your portal components versions (Community Server, Control Panel, etc.).

that you need to select “forgot password” and get a reset.

That’s correct. Please reproduce the situation once again and provide us with entire Community server logs folder. It’s located here: /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/logs/

P.S. The old email letter is no longer correct at the moment. We are still planning to discontinue Workspace Cloud, but we need a little bit more time to prepare our infrastructure.
Additionally, if you have any commercial license (any cloud portal with business plan includes it), you can contact us via Zendesk to get prompt replies.

Thanks for the reply. I talked to support already, and they told me that because I was switching to the free community version, they would not help me. I was directed to this forum. I do have a paid cloud business account still, and would like to keep it as long as possible. Do you know how long that would be? I was told the end of may.
Here is the log folder from the Digital Ocean workspace droplet.
This reply wouldnt allow attaching a .zip file, so here is a link to the folder files:


Thanks for your help!

Sorry @Alexandre , I forgot to include the link of the guide I followed. It was this one:

But when I encountered the login errors, I came across this guide as well (which is where I learned of a machine key):

Are you able to assist me in migrating my data?
I also can’t get anyone to answer the question of whether my email addresses, that I use in the Mail module of the CRM, will transfer over and be available on the community workspace server. Is the lack of mail server the reason that the Forgot Password button isnt working?

Hello @zionad
Thank you for the files, we are looking into them.

Is the lack of mail server the reason that the Forgot Password button isnt working?

No, the password restore feature uses separate notification service for sending emails. So, it should work anyway. Please give us some time, we will check the provided logs.

Ok great, thank you.