Working with a self-signed certificate in self-hosted

Suggest aGood afternoon, I use documentsserver 7.5.1, and the plugin for communication with the Mattermost system, all the settings are fine, but Mattermost works with a self-signed certificate, I get an error like [2024-01-12T10:49:07.229] [ERROR] [localhost] [6c78300345c66da177216c0cffb122b8 ] [y4ropto7tbywfee99w8upbeyyc] nodeJS - error downloadFile:url= nE4ZGhlOXdxemNiN2ZvYSIsImV4cCI6MTcwNTA1NjcyMiwiaWF0IjoxNzA1MDU2NTQyfQ.Ma0LOyD_dTELTVAcmqTYf94-2ODlOYP4og197kK_qto;attempt=3;code:UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE ;connect:null Error: unable to verify the first certificate
at TLSSocket.onConnectSecure (_tls_wrap.js:1515:34)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:400:28)
at TLSSocket._finishInit (_tls_wrap.js:937:8)
at TLSWrap.ssl.onhandshakedone (_tls_wrap.js:709:12) by documentsserver. I’m trying to add a self-signed certificate to the operating system where documentsserver is installed but without success, the question is how to correctly add the certificate to the trusted ones for documentsserver, apparently NodeJS applications have their own storage?
Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server docker

Hi @ttartem,
If you use self-signed certificates, please re-deploy the Document Server container with an environment variable USE_UNAUTHORIZED_STORAGE=true
It will disable the certificate verification so the Document Server will be able to connect to your Mattermost.

Available environment variables:

Thank you very much, everything worked