Wordprocessor - Watermark - 2 issues

Sorry but one message for 2 issues:

  1. Why an image used as a watermark is not aligned to the left (see in the recording the blank margin on the left) ?
  2. Why, when I change the watermark options, the changes are not applied and I have to remove the watermark and add it again with the new options:

Note that the picture I’m using is 21cmx29.7, so it should cover the whole page :

(uploading it on the forum might not keep the size but try it with a picture with the good size).

Thanks for your analysis.

Hello @arcqus

Please note that image as watermark is inserted to the header. With that information, you can double click on the top part of the document to access header settings, select image and adjust its position to your liking:

That way via header you can also adjust image itself by right-clicking it when it is selected and selecting Image advanced settings item.

Thanks @Constantine, it’s just fine !

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