Wordprocessor: How to fix a picture to a page to wrap a table around it?

I’ve got a word document with a table that flows over many pages (calendar of events, 2 columns, 60 rows with a lot of text). I want to put pictures onto some pages. They should stay anchored to the page and the table shall wrap around the picture. But the pictures are always anchored to a cell of the table with the following undesired effects:

  • the picture is only partly shown (as much as fits into this cell)
  • text wrapping works only inside this cell and not for the neighboring cells
  • the picture flows with the content of the table and dose not stay fixed on the page.

Is there a way to accomplish this or is this a feature request?

Best regards

OS version: Linux Mint 20.3 Una, base: Ubuntu 20.04 focal
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, Version (flatpak)

Hi Martin,
For this kind of specific help request, I suggest you upload your file and/or some screenshots, to make it easier to understand.

With the information you gave, i would try to split the table in several and put pictures in between.

Hi arcqus,
here is an example page (which I created last year with LibreOffice (which makes many other problems - hence the wish to try OnlyOffice).
If it is not possible, I would dispense with the vertical pictures over two lines. But I need pictures which are as wide as the column or even as wide as the whole page, sometimes even a whole page (width and height). I would prefer keeping the table intact as one, because the layout (filling the white space of each page) is much easier, when you can move everything around.
Besides, I didn’t find a way to split a table (or reunite it again).

Best regards

Hello @ToxyLT
If you don’t mind I will step to this thread too. Thank you for the screenshot, however please provide us with a test file and detailed description of desired result (step-by-step, you can record a video file or make screenshots with annotations).

Hi Alexandre,
basically it’s just a long table in a word file. I put in a picture, which is bigger then a single cell of the table and want the text of all cells to wrap around it or at least above and below the picture. But in OnlyOffice the picture or a part of it is always visible only in one cell of the table.
I loaded up 2 videos. One made in LibreOffice with the desired result and on with OnlyOffice. In LibreOffice the picture is anchored to the page.
Best regards

Hello @ToxyLT
Thank you for the provided video files, we are checking the situation.

Hello @ToxyLT
Thank you for the provided details. We have checked the situation, unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve the same behavior in the ONLYOFFICE.
Please accept our apologies for this situation.