WordPress connector custom config?

Hi, I am using WordPress connector to preview the docs on my website.
Now, when I preview the PDF files , there is a tool bar on the top, like this:

Is there any way that I can remove or disable the tool bar?
OR can you guys add some config options to do this in the next version?

Connector version: 2.0
DMS: WordPress 6.5.3

Hello @cuixiaoyeleo

You can hide this toolbar in View tab of the main toolbar by unchecking Always Show Toolbar.

Thanks, it’s woriking now.
If i just want to show the pdf content, i don’t want show the menu bar or any other functional area, what can i do? Edit the plugin files?

You can configure the block with PDF within WordPress to be embedded to display your PDF in viewer only.

For that please open your post for editing, select DocSpace block with PDF and in the menu to the right change VIEW option to Embedded, here is reference:

After that save the draft and check how it is displayed then.
Also, you can preview the draft from this menu to the right with image button

it seems that doesn’t work, the view page still have the functional area.
Now i am using the DocServer 8.0.1 and Onlyoffice Docs WordPress plugin 2.0
Is it related to the version?

Please provide a screenshot from the preview when setting Embedded as View option.