WordCounter plugin

When using the wordcounter plugin, a dropdown menu button appears at the bottom of the page. How is this implemented?? There is no such functionality anywhere in the plugin code!

Hello @giome3c
Do you mean this dropdown menu?

It isn’t related to the plugin, it’s implemented in the editor interface.
The mentioned plugin uses the left side of the editor interface to create a new sidebar with a data:

Please clarify if I misunderstood your request.

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Thanks! You’re absolutely right! That’s what I meant. But I thought it was part of a plugin, because on another server (without this plugin), there is no dropdown menu. Why?

Is there any difference between servers? Probably in Document server version? Also, have you tried to clear browser cookies\cache or to open a file in a different browser?

I used yandex.browser (chromium) in incognito mode. There is a dropdown plugin, but not without it

Please let us know version of your Document Server. Does the situation occur in different browsers?