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Word processor - bug - column width are not kept when copy-pasting in a doc

I have a doc with 3 lines and 3 cells merged in one at the right of the table.
I want to duplicate the table.
I select it and copy it.
When I paste it, I expect the new table to be exactly the same.
Alas, the column width are not longer the same:

Here is the file:
A0 - Date - Support élève - What is the day today.docx (168.8 KB)

Thanks for your analysis.

Hello @arcqus

We are checking the situation. I will provide an update once we get any results.

I’d like to inform you that based on the provided by you information, we registered a bug in regard of column width change of the table in a document when copy-pasting it within the document.

Thank you for reporting it.

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