Word document, page header, image align left, text align right?

how to do that ?

I don’t want to manually insert many space between them.

I see ms word and wps has such function.

Hello @Fanguogang !

You can adjust paragraph settings using the Paragraph settings tab in the right-click menu. Here you can read more about it. If I misunderstood your questions, please provide more details.

I think you didn’t get my point. let me give some example:

picture above is wps’s helper function, the image and text in page header belong to same paragraph(I suppose), using paragrah settings won’t help to align them seperatley, so even microsoft word and wps can only help to cacualate how many leader characters need to be inserted for you, but at least both of them provide such function.

I will give more detail on this:
for example when using wps to insert an image on left, and some text on right, what wps actually do is to insert a tab character ASCII 0x9A, and in xml it is:

and in wps it renders like this:

but in onlyoffice it looks like this:

Hello @Fanguogang
Could you please provide us with a file where this issue is reproducible?

Sorry for late reply, but why do you need me to provide a file, I think it’s a feature of the open standard, microsoft word should have this same feature, don’t you have microsoft word on your computer ? I will provide a file anyway, how can I give it to you, while this forum doesn’t allow to upload attachment?

We need to check out the file itself. You can upload it to some external storage and provide us with download link.


Thank you for provided file. We need some time to take a closer look at it.
When we have something to share, I will update this post.

Dear @Fanguogang
Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We added a bug to our internal tracklist (internal number - 55445) and we have started working on it.
Thank you one more time!