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WOPI Integration, Session Expiration and configuration settings


i successfully managed to create a WOPI endpoint and can view and edit documents. However i wonder if there is a setting to configure the session expiration. Sometimes i get an expiration message after ca. 60 seconds and sometimes immediately after opening a document.

Second. I have set the autoassembly interval and step to 0m in local.json. I found that in an article to force ONLYOFFICE to do a post to the PutFile endpoint on saving. Otherwise iam always getting a version mismatch message. Is there any known better solution than just forcing to post every change back? I saw a question on github issues with exactly that problem, but the issue was closed without leaving an answer there.

The configuration file has multiple options and for most of them i couldnt find documentation. Is there a document available which describes the various documentation options?

Iam using ONLYOFFICE 7.1 docker container as WOP Client.

Thank you in advance