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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

WOPI. GetFile

I want to integration OnlyOffice Group with our System - Loginom. Loginom use REST API connection for integration. I want to develop the component which can to get file (xlsx) and upload file from Onlyoffice Server (Groups).
I Try to use WOPI REST API. Try to apply this method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Overview

I cant to get success result. Error: 400

I took access token with this instruction: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Get the authentication token

My request:

I put in 2 parameters: “file_id”, “access_token”

Hello @arustamov

Please clarify what are trying to achieve? Are you trying to integrate ONLYOFFICE Groups into your document management system?
The mentioned GET method is used by Document Server, i.e. editors, but not by Groups.

I need to get table from Onlyoffice Documents in the JSON format.

I have the file. I have usual table in this file.

Unfortunately, .xlsx files cannot be converted into JSON. See the list of possible conversion formats here.

As for the error 400: you have used method for Document Server so it returned bad request error.
To get file from Groups you can use next method:
It will return a download link to the requested file so afterwards you can use the file in your purposes.