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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

WOPI API does not Post content?

I wonder if someone here in the form has managed to integrate OnlyOffice into a custom WOPI Host implementation?

I try to integrate OnlyOffice into my WOP Host, but I am facing with the following problem:

Configuring the WOPI discovery endpoint and loading a document into the document server did all work very well.
But OnlyOffice does not send a POST request with the File content back to the WOPI host after a user saves the content in OnlyOffice or closes the Editor frame.
The Post request is only send after some delay (seems to be defined by the autoAssembly option).

But I am searching for a way, that OnlyOffice post the content immediately when the user clicks the save button within OnlyOffice or closes the editor.

Has anybody managed to solve this situation?

Thanks for any help or hints.


Hello @rsoika

As I can see you have already discussed this problem in one of your threads: Running OnlyOffice with Docker-Compose - WOPI - Connection refused while connecting to upstream

As my colleague @Alexandre stated in that thread, currently we do not have methods to achieve desired scenario with WOPI protocol usage. The suggestion to add Forcesave functionality for WOPI (internal number 58764) was created. Unfortunately, we do not have estimated date of the release of this suggestion available yet. Still, as a workaround, you can switch to usage API where Forcesave is implemented and works.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.