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Wopi 404

Why do I use wopi to return 404, such as this address http://myofficeserver/api/2.0/authentication.json,
And where to see for username and password

Please clarify what are trying to achieve?

POST api/2.0/authentication

[1] image_2023-08-22_17-20-27


This link may be useful to you

i wang to use api to get a file download link, so I need to get a token
but zhe api is still returning 404 ,my postman configuration is as follows

I suspect there is an issue with the configuration of my onlyOffice service
my onlyoffice is 7.3.3 for windows

@yuhui hmm…

  1. Please specify the version of Community Server you are using.
  2. user login via mail or LDAP/SSO?
  3. check /apisystem/api/portal/test

like this