Window Snapping In Gnome

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I think GitHub Issue #696 Most Resembles My Issue.
Even though it is old it is still open and some people say it works but it is still open and I still am getting this issue. So I was wondering if there was a fix that people are already using and thus the problem has been put off.

Only Office will not snap to half screen locations, it will only maximize or float… It is able to snap if I am running just i3 window manager but with Gnome it will only maximize or float.
I have tried the AUR and app image variants on wayland and x server and the problem persists.
Screenshot from 2022-07-09 11-17-13

App Version: 7.1.0

Hello @admnj
As far as I understand, my colleague already replied to you on GitHub:
We are still working on it.
Please do not post the same request in difference communication channels.

We will notify you when we have something to share.

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I know, I made this post in tandem with my post on GitHub prior to their reply. Not meaning to bug for a reply twice, just didn’t know which forum was preferred for this community.

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