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window.Asc.plugin.executeMethod is not a function

Hello, may I ask if I am in JavaScript. Introduced sdkjs plugins/v1. plugins. js in DocumentServer and attempted to write strings into the editor using the “window. Asc. plugin. executeMethod” (“InputText”, [“ONLYOFFICE Plugins”, “ONLYOFFICE for developers”]; "method mentioned in the plugin documentation. But when I was executing the method, I reported an error: window.Asc.plugin. executeMethod is not a function. Then I printed out the window. Asc. plugin object without seeing the executeMethod method. May I ask which step I made an error in.

Hello @isfifia

Possibly the issue is that the structure of the plugin is incorrect. Please take a look at it here:

As a reference, you can check out sample plugin Search and Replace in which also executeMethod is used:
On the example page you can find a link to GitHub where all plugin code can be found.

Okay, thank you for your answer。
I checked sdkjs-plugins/helloworld at master · ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins · GitHub This example.
I want a similar feature, but the inserted text should come from external sources. What should I do.

Hello @isfifia

Document Server is capable of listening for the data from external sources only with Developer Edition license, for such cases the connector class of Automation API must be used:

If you are interested in obtaining Developer Edition license of Document Server, please contact our Sales Department via to get more information.

Hello, I have downloaded the developer version trial version. I need to complete the functions first before reporting to my superiors for purchase。
I created a connector object using var connector=docEditor. createConnector(), but the resulting object seems to be different from the one on the document。

Hello @isfifia

Sorry for the late reply.

In the documentation all methods are listed. In the console you can find these methods by enlisting [[Prototype]] array of the connector object:

Since you have Developer Edition trial license now, you can also contact us via to get prompter replies.