Will OO support windows URI?

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My question applies to both Desktop and CLoud editors.

It seems pretty difficult to insert a link to a file hosted on our servers in OO.
I use https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/20080
How to convert Windows path to file: URL, in a batch file, suitable for SVN command line use - Stack Overflow

As a workaround but is there another method to do so or do you plan on improving it in the future?

Our users share links to files on the servers, and I find it too complicated for now to implement it externally via a powershell script or a batch file.


Grégory Bahdé

Hello @gregoryVDV
Please describe desired scenario in more details. What is your final goals? Are you trying to open a file which is placed on separate server via Desktop Editors from your PC?

Hello Alexandre,

Let’s say I am writing a doc and I want to add an hyperlink to another file that’s hosted on my drive -or shared drive-, it would we great that OO handles this. Currently, one way to do so is to convert the path from let’s say " C:\Users\blah.gimp-2.8\fonts to a “file:///C:\Users\blah.gimp-2.8\fonts” kind of link.

So I was wondering if you will support (like I said previously, on whatever editor, desktop or cloud both would be fine since we have 50 and are getting more licenses for the cloud version soon) interpreting when detecting a local filesystem link -which should be trivial, and turn them into file urls like previously mentioned.



Hello @gregoryVDV
We have checked the situation and we added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 43992).
We have started working on it.