Why is the line spacing of OO smaller than that of MSOffice for the same content

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Document Server version:7.4.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
Browser version:chrome110

Why is the line spacing of OO smaller than that of MSOffice and WPS for the same content,single space.
This greatly affects the usage of users migrating from MSOffice to OO

Hello @letgooo

Please provide some more information:

  • version of Document Server used in the demo GIF;
  • version of MS Word used to compare the layout.

By the way, the GIF does not show how the document is displayed in MS Word. Can you provide a comparison example and also a document itself for more detailed analysis?

test1.docx (11.8 KB)
use 7.4.1,and msoffice2019,thanks

Note that this version is outdated, I’d recommend you to update to actual version and check the situation again after that.

Okay, I used 8.0.1, the same as 7.4.1,Looking forward to your reply

Thank you for providing the feedback. Please also specify information below:


This is a link to already attached document. I was asking about comparison screenshots of display of both documents from Desktop Editors and Microsoft app for reference.


same file

The unit of line spacing is times

Thanks. We are checking the situation.

May I know which font is used in these examples? It is the same font in both editors?


font in simsun

We have found out that this issue is related to the document grid that is currently not fully supported. This issue was registered earlier, your request was added to it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.