Why does it contain a web browser?

Why does the OnlyOffice desktop app contain a web browser (probably Chrome). I cannot think of any reason why this exists.

Hi @noahhallows

OnlyOffice desktop seems to be an Electron app. Building apps this way makes it easier to publish the same app for web, and different OS, like Windows, Linux, or Mac. Electron is used by a lot of very popular apps, like Discord, Skype, Dropbox, Slack, and many more.

Electron runs a Chrome web browser and inside it, it runs the app, in this case, OnlyOffice.

I hope that helps you.

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@noahhallows @noahhallows
We use Chromium Embedded Framework.

By using Chromium Embedded Framework in the OnlyOffice desktop application, we provide integration of an embedded browser for the editor’s functionality.
This approach allows us to offer users the ability to use an editor based on web technologies within the desktop application.