Whitepapers and datasheets publishing

recently I was interested in the OFORM and DOXF formats and it turned out that the OFORM format specification is available on the website. The DOCXF specification is not available anywhere.

Can things like specifications and other whitepapers that are useful to other developers be made available under a free open source license in the same way as OnlyOffice?

I don’t think it would be difficult to add a CC-BY license notice (or other free license) or upload specifications to repositories with AGPL-licensed documentation in DOCX format (DOCX as “source code”/“preferred form of modification”).
By the way, the oforms.onlyoffice.com repository is not available under any license.

I suggest you add OFORMS-related specifications to the repository mentioned above and start licensing them under some license, as well as add other specifications/documentation to the appropriate repositories.

What do you think about it? Are such things possible for you?

Hello @Maniues
We are going to add necessary documentation. Thank you for pointing us to this situation!

Once you have added this documentation, could you please post links to it here and let me know when the process is complete?

Sure, I will keep you posted.

Hello, I’m writing after a long time to ask what the current situation is?

Hello @Maniues
We are currently actively developing the next version of Document server (v.8.1). In this version we will completely move from .docxf format to PDF to meet users expectations. Additionally, all necessary documentation will be updated once the release has happened.