Which way should I choose if I only need a lite deployment

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Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker)
OS: ubuntu 20.04
Browser version: firefox 103.0
I recently try to migrate to onlyoffice.And deploy it with docker.I just want to write documents with browser when I’m away from home,and integrate with desktop app when i’m home.Maybe integrate with Nextcloud if I have to,even though I prefer with standalone.And use it all by myself ,without share it with others.And I don’t need mail server.So why don’t I use ONLYOFFICE Personal,because 2 GB/per portal is not enough.
So I tried deploy document server alone.And it works,but it require ds:example.I don’t know what is ds:example and how to tweak it,I can’t find related document,and I don’t like the page.
So I moved to use docker-compose,but there are 2 kinds for Community.After read them,I got confused. docker-compose.groups.yml doesn’t have document server,I thought that’s where we write documents.And onlyoffice-elasticsearch wasn’t mentioned in Docker Hub and Docker Hub, so maybe I don’t need it.
So there are 3 options left.
Frist,deploy document server alone,and tweak ds:example.Can anyone show me howto.
Second,integrate with Nextcloud,even I don’t like it.
Third,the whole community server.I want the most lite one,just tell me what must have.

Hello @porcupine
First of all, please note that Document server is an editor in fact. It requires storage where files are placed.
ds:example is an integrated example of storage. It needs only for test (to check out that Document server works). Open Document server domain name in a browser (http://domain_name), you will see guide how to enable it. After that example will be available on the http://domain_name/example address.

In general, you need Document server + storage. You can deploy Workspace without Mail server. Please take a look at this guide Installing server version using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE
Download installation script and run it with additional flag -ims flase (that means 'do not install Mail server):
bash workspace-install.sh -ims false

additional information about flags is here:Installing server version with additional script parameters - ONLYOFFICE
This way you will get your own portal with storage, Control Panel, integration with Document server out-of-the-box.
Workspace has a lot of features. Probably you don’t need all of them. If so, you can deploy separate Document server via this guide Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE
and integrate it with any third-party storage. we have a list of ready-to-go connectors here: Ready-to-use connectors for your platform | ONLYOFFICE
Nextcloud, ownCloud, Seafile, Alfresco, etc. Here you have to make a choice.
You mentioned that you need to integrate desktop app to your storage. You can check available integrations in the Desktop Editors: open the app > connect to cloud > add cloud. There’s a list of possible connections for Desktop Editors. So you have to keep it in mind when you are choosing a storage for integration.

Thank you for reply.I decide to use docker-compose.workspace.yml and get rid of elasticsearch and mail server.This should be the most lite way.

Community server needs Elasticsearch for search features. I do not recommend to remove it.