When I use documentserver version 7.1, I cannot edit and save doc format files

When I use the instance service, I cannot upload a doc format file. It prompts that the file cannot be converted to OOXML format.The specific situation is as shown in the figure:
The service I use is version 7.2, exe under window system

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Hi, please install the latest update of the Document Server (7.5.1) and check if the issue is reproduced. If it is, provide an example file.

After installing version 7.5, this problem still occurs
This is my test file,Sorry, I can’t upload test files because I’m a new user

You can upload a file to some hosting and send me the download link.

1.doc (19.5 KB)

This is the document I used to test

This file is converted and opened with no error on the version 7.5.1 of the Document Server.

I kind of know what’s going on, but I have another question
I would like to ask whether the different versions of the api.js file used by the front-end in different versions of the onlyifficedocumentserver service will have any impact.

Could you elaborate? Do you modify the api.js file?